High school chemistry experiments are geared towards making students understand different concepts by letting them experience first hand what are the effects and reactions of certain elements. This article discusses some interesting ideas for chemistry experiments.

1.) Make Your Own Lip Gloss: Chemists are employed by different cosmetic companies to come up with their products. Through this simple experiment students can come up with their own lip gloss and at the same time understand the differences between solids, liquids, and solutions. Other concepts that they could understand from this activity are emollients, emulsifiers, and stabilizers as well as the importance of Vitamin E in cosmetics. In making a Vanilla flavored lip gloss students have to heat, melt and continuously stir coconut oil, petroleum jelly, aloe vera. After removing them from the heat they can then stir in vanilla extract. Other variants to try for this organic chemistry experiments includes almond honey lip balm and cocoa mint lip balm.

2.) Just Keep Cool: This experiment aims to let students understand and investigate several aspects of evaporative cooling. Some of the concepts that students should understand after the experiment are evaporation, volatility, evaporative cooling, and energy. To do this students have to get four disposable plastic plates then putting a paper towel that has been folded in half twice on each plate and attaching the paper towel on the plate. Each of the paper towels will then be treated as follows: No Liquid, Water, Rubbing Alcohol, Oil. Then students should get a thermometer to record the temperatures of each paper towel three times in the same interval.

3.) The Dancing Spaghetti Experiment: This experiment helps students understand the effect of the pressure of gases on solid materials. First the student has to fill a graduated cylinder with water. Then they should place two tablespoons of baking soda in the solution. Next a add a handful of uncooked spaghetti pasta broken into smaller pieces. Lastly, they have to slowly add up to 100ml of vinegar until the spaghetti begins to move or to dance.

What makes high school chemistry experiments successful are proper guidance and processing by the teacher. Students should be able to understand the concepts behind their hands-on activities. These are enjoyable and highly educational experiences for students and will help them become better scientists.

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